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Man Blocks In-Flight Screen Of Fellow Passenger And People Are Not Happy About It

There is no end to interesting travel stories, especially the ones that include some annoying co-passenger making it uneasy for those seated nearby. The internet has landed upon another such person recently. A video has gone viral, showing an airline passenger causing frustration among a fellow traveler by obstructing the TV screen of the passenger seated behind them. The incident has raised concerns about personal space and etiquette while sharing the confined quarters of a commercial flight. The video, originally shared on Reddit captures the moment when a passenger reclines their seat and uses their hands to cover the in-flight entertainment screen of the person seated behind them.

This incident reportedly took place during a long-haul flight, leaving viewers angry and bewildered by the audacious behavior. The caption accompanying the video reads, “The person sat in front of my cousin on his long-haul flight…”

Watch it here:

This post quickly drew the attention of social media users, who wasted no time in expressing their thoughts on the matter. While some found the situation comical, others regarded it as a serious breach of in-flight etiquette, sparking a heated debate about the unwritten rules governing behavior in shared spaces, particularly in limited personal spaces like that of an airplane.

A user suggested a rather mischievous approach to resolve the issue, stating, “Fake sneeze and flick some water on him.”

Meanwhile, another humorously commented, “I would’ve wiped a booger on his hands.”

Yet another user advocated for a more straightforward solution, saying, “Communicate. It’s not that hard to politely ask that they stop whatever’s causing the issue. Usually, it’s just a simple mistake and they’ll apologise and stop,” a user wrote.”

However, a reader also advised talking to the passenger directly. “I don’t understand why people think documenting a problem and resolving it are mutually exclusive. Assuming this is real, if faced with this issue I would have recorded it out of sheer amazement of this person’s rudeness and/or ignorance, then asked them to stop,” the comment read.

Have you had an encounter with any such passenger who contributed in making your journey less comfortable?

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