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Man decides to leave his wife for teen daughter’s 18-year-old best friend

TikTok users are seething after coming across a viral story of a husband who served his wife divorce papers after cheating with his teenage daughter’s best friend.

Like Reddit, TikTok has become a hub for internet users to share their private stories. These tales often involve a lot of drama and unbelievable details. A recent story going viral on TikTok sees a daughter finding out that her dad has been having an affair with her best friend for many years. He is also ready to leave her mother, to make his relationship with the considerably younger friend official.

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The OP (original poster) is 18 years old. She reveals that, early in their marriage, her parents were told that they were infertile. They decided against adoption and chose to live child-free until they surprisingly got pregnant with her. Although they had her at a “pretty old age” her parents were both very happy upon her birth.

The OP recently moved away from home and began staying with her childhood best friend Ava. She reveals that Ava had been frequenting her house since they were kids. Both her parents were fond of her. The OP now realizes that her dad was always more keen on having Ava over than her mom. She hates that she did not see the “clear signs” that there was something between them.

However, the ugly truth came out in an unexpected way. After moving out, she decided to have a housewarming party for her parents. Her best friend Ava was a bit too excited about having the OP’s parents over and said she needed to look her best. The OP notes that Ava dressed “rather provocatively” in front of her parents. She was also extra flirtatious with her father and complimented his looks. Her comments made everyone uncomfortable but Ava seemed “head over heels” for the OP’s dad.

She decided to confront Ava about her behavior after her parents left. However, her best friend laughed off her concerns. The OP told her bestie how her dad thought of Ava as a “daughter.” Upon hearing this she made a sly comment saying, “I shouldn’t be so sure of that.” She finally left the house for the night, when the OP kept pestering her to explain what her bizarre comment meant.

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When she failed to get any answers from Ava, the teenager called her mom. She candidly told her mother that she suspected something was happening between her dad and Ava. At this, the OP heard her mom shakily crying on the phone. She revealed that the OP’s dad had served her divorce papers after returning from their party.

The OP’s mother said she wasn’t sure why her husband wanted a divorce but also stated that she suspected there was “another woman” in the picture. When the OP drove over to her parent’s house that night, she realized that Ava had arrived ahead of her. She walked inside to see Ava and her dad ganging up on her mother saying they really loved each other.

When the OP questioned her father and her best friend about how and why they got together, Ava said “It was meant to be.” Her dad, on the other hand, said Ava was mature for her age. That’s when the OP realized that her dad had been “grooming” Ava for many years now.

Most users expressed how they would have gotten physically violent with Ava after what she had done.

“I would be throwing hands with Ava,” said one user.

“Yeah sorry but Ava would’ve gotten slapped,” said a second user.

One person could not help but feel sorry for Ava. They commented saying, “That’s literally heartbreaking, she was groomed and may never know it.”

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