Man ends up in hospital after trying to bring a snake home for his kids

A man recently ended up in a hospital after he unknowingly decided to take a venomous snake home for his kids.

Social media users were left speechless after they came across a Facebook post that highlighted an incident where a man took home a snake and ended up in the hospital because he was bitten by the venomous reptile.

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Taking to Facebook, Ray, the Southern Highlands snake catcher, recalled how he was called after a man was bitten by a venomous snake that he decided to bring home after finding it during a hike.

The hiker thought he was taking home a diamond python, the non-venomous snake. However, things quickly turned deadly when he was bitten. The hiker was quickly rushed to the hospital after he violently vomited for 3 hours and had a swollen hand.

As it turns out, the snake was hoplocephalus bungaroides, also known as a broad-headed snake. They are known for being venomous snakes and are not to be messed with.

Luckily, the hiker is doing just fine. After he was admitted to the hospital, doctors found traces of venom in his system. He was in the hospital for six hours after which he was asked to return home and rest.

During this time, the snake was collected and returned to its natural habitat. Ray pointed out that the hiker was extremely lucky to ‘have made it out.’

He further notified people that the “broad-headed snake venom is neurotoxic, with powerful procoagulants & is weakly hemolytic” and instructed people to not engage with wild snakes.

It did not take long for the post to capture the attention of all the users with one writing: “He’s lucky that the snake didn’t attack his children. If they got bit it could’ve been a lot worse.” Another wrote: “Good lesson to all, leave snakes alone. Admire them from a distance. Remember you’re invading their land and they will protect it at all costs. Glad the kids didn’t lose their dad and I pray for his complete and speedy recovery!”

“I would have just died from the fear alone of seeing the snake in person,” one joked. “I’m so glad his children weren’t bitten and that he can recover from this. Definitely a learning experience,” said one more.

“Hard lesson but very happy he survived,” said another. “A very lucky man, I’m guessing he won’t do that again,” read one more comment.

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