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Man is caught having an affair with his wife’s mom and that’s just half the story

One of the most outrageous stories to ever grace TikTok has gone viral, prompting a wave of support for user Katenacious.

When TikTok chef Susi Vidal opened a video with “Call me crazy if you want but I’ve never liked store-bought pesto” back in early September, there’s no way she could have predicted the onslaught of responses her seemingly innocent cooking video was about to receive. In the weeks since, TikTok users have been stitching the pesto video – sarcastically remarking on how crazy Vidal’s confession was, before proceeding to share some of the most scandalous, horrifying and baffling stories you’ve ever heard on social media. The latest attempt at blowing Vidal’s pesto confession out of the water comes from TikTok user Katenacious, whose tale of family infidelity has left every single viewer feeling incredulous.

According to Katenacious, real name Katherine Gonzalez, an early delivery of twins had left her in a state of “severe” Postpartum depression, when she discovered that her husband and her mother had been having an affair for no less than four months. Yes, as in the father of her twins and her actual mother.

Having had her suspicions for a while before the pair were caught, Gonzalez and her twin daughters immediately fled upon catching them in the act – only for her mother to make matters worse by moving into her family home with her husband.

Unsurprisingly, Gonzalez – who was particularly frightened by the idea of the pair marrying and her mother becoming her children’s stepmother and she her children’s stepsister, promptly served her husband a set of divorce papers in which she filed for complete custody of their kids.

In what is the only somewhat positive aspect of this story, the husband and Gonzalez’ mother did eventually split and are no longer together today, much to the relief of the storyteller.

The family now acts like everything’s normal

With that being said, the breakup of the unconventional pair does not mean that those involved have gone back to playing happy families.

According to Gonzalez, her father instantly took her mother back after the breakup with her husband and her parents now acting as though “the affair never happened”.

And, to make matters even worse, Gonzalez claims her parents blamed the affair on her as it apparently would not have happened had she not been a “horrible daughter and horrible wife.”

Needless to say, Gonzalez has not spoken to her parents in almost two years.

Just as you likely feel reading this story, the two million people who have seen the clip are also outraged beyond belief at the outlandish story they just heard.

“Your dad taking her back is insane!!” Wrote one baffled user. “Wishing you and your babies the best life,” they continued.

Shocked at what they had heard, another added: “This story ALONE would send me to the psychiatrist bc I WOULD BE SPIRALING”.

“YOU WIN!!!!” wrote somebody else in the comments section. “YOU WIN THE SUSIE PESTO AWARD cause this is CRAZY!!!!”

The story was not Gonzalez’ only video to go viral this week, with more than 60,000 people now following the twin mom after she raked in over 12 million views on another video in which she explained how she caught her two former loved ones in the act.

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