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Man misses his wedding because he was at strip club all night and uses his brother as cover story

A recent TikTok story has left users feeling disgusted. It sees the groom missing his wedding after partying at a strip club all night. After his wedding’s gone wrong, he shockingly ends up lying and blaming his brother for all of it later.

TikTok is a popular platform for people to share their stories. Many of these stories include a lot of drama between couples and family members. However, a recent story is so dramatic that it seems like the plot of a movie. It highlights a man turning on his own brother to save face when he misses his wedding.

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The OP (original poster) reveals that his brother (aka the groom) missed his own wedding after partying too hard. The night before the big day, the groom gathered his friends and expressed his desire to enjoy one last night as a “single man,” before marrying the “old ball in the chain.”

He wanted another party despite already having had a bachelor party. He and his friends, including the OP, then go to a strip club. At the club, the OP tried to warn his brother to not drink too much as the next day was his wedding. However, at one point, he stopped warning and watched his brother “go to town”.

The groom and his groomsmen ended up getting so drunk that the OP had to drive them home. The OP then went to his house and slept soundly. The next day he got ready for the wedding and arrived at the venue. However, upon arriving his father told him that the groom and his party were all missing, while the bride and her party were waiting. The guests had arrived too and the priest was also present.

The OP’s parents tried to stall the wedding as much as possible. However, as time passed, the bride started assuming the worst. She thought her husband-to-be got cold feet and was standing her up. “I wouldn’t put it past by the way my brother was acting yesterday,” the OP says. “He seemed like he did not want to get married and I actually felt bad for her.”

Bride crying in the altar
Bride crying in the altar

Groom makes up fake story and blames his brother

The OP’s father decided to pick the groom up himself. He drove two hours to get to the groom’s house. The sun had begun setting when the OP got the news that his father was on his way back with his brother.

The OP notes that the bride had been crying all day. “Her makeup was smeared and her hair got all messy,” he notes. She even changed out of her dress. The guests ate the food, the priest got tired of waiting. However, as soon as his brother arrived he went straight to the OP to sucker punch him instead of comforting his bride. They began fighting right then and there. The OP told everyone what had happened but the groom made up a false story and blamed him.

The brother told everyone that it was the OP who wanted to go to the strip club and party. He said the OP told him to let loose before marrying the “old ball in the chain.”

The groom took it a step further and lied that the OP was “jealous” of his relationship and wanted to marry his bride himself. He further accused his brother of setting him up so he would miss his wedding.

Some people believed the groom’s sob story and began villainizing the OP. Surprisingly, the brother ended up getting married and is on his honeymoon now. The OP is waiting for his return so he can get his payback.

Most users were disgusted at the brother’s behavior.

“Being married gave him the ick??? What,” one user questioned in surprise.

“”Last night as a single man” like he doesn’t have a fiancé,” another user asked questioning the brother’s insane logic.

“He didn’t want to get married. this was an excuse,” another person noted.

Others suggested the OP completely to his brother and all those involved in this debacle.

“Don’t bother, just cut them off. The truth will come out when they get divorced,” said a user.

“I would literally never talk to anyone again. Brother will f-up one day and the truth will come out. I wouldn’t even waste my time with any of them,” a second user voiced.

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