Man With AC Ticket Slams Indian Railways After Overcrowded Train Prevents Him from Travelling Home

Anyone residing away from home ensures an annual reunion with their families during Diwali. Unfortunately, this was not the case for a man living in Gujarat. Despite having a confirmed AC ticket for a train journey to his hometown in Ratlam, MP, he was barred from boarding because the train’s door was overcrowded, leaving no room for additional passengers. Anshul Sharma, a 27-year-old, expressed his frustration on social media, criticising Indian Railways for the poor service at Vadodara railway station.

“Thanks for ruining my Diwali. This is what you get even when you have a confirmed 3rd AC ticket. No help from Police. Many people like me were not able to board,” lamented Sharma in his social media post. He shared videos illustrating the chaotic scene at the platform, with a throng of people trying to board, while the interior of the train was densely packed, preventing others from entering.

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“The labour crowd thrown me out of the train. They locked the doors and they were not letting anyone enter into the train. Police said clearly no to help me and started laughing on the situation,” he added.

Here’s the Viral Post:

Sharma also recounted his experience to Moneycontrol, expressing shock at the overcrowded train filled with ticketless passengers. “I could see that the station was crowded but since I had a confirmed ticket, I wasn’t worried but when the train arrived on the platform, I was shocked. People were literally spilling out of it,” he recalled.

Likewise, the viral videos in his post prompted public reactions, with one user suggesting, “Dude you should demand free travel for life.. this is such a disaster to face after having a booked premium class ticket.” Another advised, “Agli baar travel 1 week before. Last minute mein aisa hona normal hai. We r a 1 billion strong ppl with inadequate rail infra to support us.”

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According to Sharma’s account, he intended to board the Ghazipur City SF Express to visit his aging parents over the weekend, as he did not have Diwali leave on weekdays. However, what he thought would be an early train journey home turned into a disaster!

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