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Man With Three Wives Pays For Their Plastic Surgery To Get Them In ‘Ideal’ Shape

A man is making headlines for having three wives. According to reports, he has to make sure that all his wives get the best treatment by him, when it comes to their wants and needs, including plastic surgeries. He does all this happily. Mazayah Andrews, an entrepreneur, is married to Stephanie, Rose and Dezaray. According to reports, they got into this polyamorous relationship after Mazayah and Stephanie briefly separated in 2016. During the separation, Mazayah started to date Rose. But then he got back together with Stepahanie, and they decided to keep Rose in their relationship. Mazayah said in an interview, “We decided to bring other women into our life when we split apart.”

As per reports, Mazayah has sketched an “ideal body type” for his wives. One of his drawings shows Stephanie with bigger breasts and bottom. That’s where plastic surgeries come in.

The wives had different ideas of romantic relationships earlier, which were a bit more realistic; but now they all agree on one thing, that they are very happy in this polygamous arrangement. They believe that the most important thing for them is to be, “open and honest with each other.” To maintain that, whenever the women gain weight, Mazayah tells them straight away of the change. The women follow a vigorous exercise regime, that they sometimes do in matching workout clothes. Rose says, “We do weight training, we do yoga, we stretch.”

Mazayah is already spending money on Stephanie’s “boob job,” and revealed that the other two are also interested in changing themselves. Mazayah said, “So since [Stephanie] spoke about getting plastic surgery and stuff, the other wives have also been mentioning plastic surgery.” The reports say that Rose is interested in getting a Brazilian bottom lift, and Dezarey wants to upgrade her breast size.

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