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Marian Barbolish Obituary, Death – Visitation & Funeral Service

Marian Barbolish Obituary, Death – The officials and members of the Volunteer Hose Company of Throop would like to express their deepest condolences to Mrs. Marian Barbolish’s family and friends. They understand the loss that you are experiencing. In recent times, Mrs. Barbolish has departed from this world. Both our former Chief Richard Barbolish and our late Chief Edward Barbolish were married to Marian Barbolish, who was also the mother of our former Chief Edward Barbolish.

In addition, she was the mother of his baby boy. A man by the name of Henry Barbolish served as our Chief in the past. Over a period of time, Mrs. Barbolish became a well-known figure as a consequence of her participation in business events and banquets that were hosted at the “Chief Edward Barbolish Memorial Hall” that was situated at our station. These events took place over the course of several years.

On Friday, February 2, 2024, the funeral services for Mrs. Barbolish are scheduled to take place at the John F. Glinsky Funeral Home, which is located on Sanderson Street in the city of Throop. You may find the funeral home by following the directions below. A Christian burial service will take place at ten o’clock in the morning, immediately following the memorial service that will take place at the funeral home from eight thirty to nine thirty in the morning.

The funeral service will take place right after the funeral home has closed its doors.  While Richard Barbolish, his brother Timm Barbolish, and their families are going through this challenging time, please remember them in your prayers and keep them in your thoughts. It is requested that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers. My prayer is that her soul, along with the souls of all other people who have faithfully passed away, would be able to experience the serenity that surpasses all comprehension. Regarding you, I am thankful.

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