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Massive ‘sea monster caught on camera’ swimming toward the shore is unbelievable

A scary video going around on TikTok depicts a creature that resembles a sea monster and users are convinced that the mythological creature is real.

There’s no dearth of unreal sightings on TikTok. Be it a bigfoot in the wild or the chocolate-eating alien held hostage, we have stumbled upon several mind-boggling videos. And now, the fear has moved to deep waters with people dreading a massive sea monster also known as a sea serpent.

Lake Michigan Sea Monster
@Credit: Copyright Matt Kazmierski

A viral video on TikTok with more than 900,000 views alleges to show a sea monster. It isn’t clear where the footage was captured if it were to be true.

You can see a massive serpent-like creature swimming toward the shore as people have gathered in large numbers to witness it.

The entire length of the supposed sea serpent is caught on film, while its head submerged. in the water isn’t visible. Someone’s heard saying in the background that the creature is about 25 to 30 feet long.

An extension of the same clip shows a few more people in the water, only a few meters away from the unidentified creature. The overall text in the video reads: “Massive sea serpent causes panic as it comes towards swimmers.”

Despite the lack of source, viewers have come to believe the video to be true, while others have questioned its authenticity with a more reasonable explanation of the same sighting.

The creature seen in the video fits the age-old description of a sea monster – a massive serpent-like being that dwell in the sea. Legend holds these creatures were capable of destroying an entire ship and dragging the sailors to their doom.

But, there is no evidence to prove the existence of sea monsters, although, giant squids with multiple arms as big as a school bus are often mistaken for them.

So, a lot of users took it upon themselves to debunk the viral footage at once. The majority of them have argued that the creature they saw is an oarfish, while others refuse to believe it.

“That’s an Oarfish. And that’s a bad sign because they typically swim at much lower depths. A very bad omen,” said one.

While another user argued: “Everyone saying it’s an oarfish obviously has never seen one. They are not dark or black or dark grey.”

“I wanna see the other videos that people on the beach took to believe this,” wrote one.

Another said: “I have been diving for years, but never seen anything like this. I think it could be a sea monster.”

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