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Michael Mifsud Obituary, Ex CEO Of Malta EU And Member Of European Industrial Gases Association Has Died

Michael Mifsud Obituary, Death – It is with great sadness that the Malta Association of Professional Engineers shares the news of the loss of Ing. Michael Mifsud, who had previously served as the Chief Executive Officer of Multigas Ltd. As a result of this loss, our professional community is severely affected, as it signifies the departure of a highly regarded engineer whose achievements have left an indelible impression on the industry.

Michael Mifsud, an engineer, left behind a legacy that is characterised by his unrelenting commitment to the discipline of engineering and his excellent leadership. His term as Chief Executive Officer of Multigas Ltd. was distinguished by a dedication to quality and a vision that drove the company ahead. Together, these two qualities helped propel the company forward. In the sector, he established a high standard by virtue of his acute engineering acumen and his zeal for innovation.

As President of the Malta Association of Professional Engineers, I would like to express my deepest sympathies to the family of Ing. Michael Mifsud during this trying time. On behalf of the members of the Executive Committee, I would also want to express sympathy to the family. His resignation is not just a loss for his family, but it also leaves a vacuum in the engineering world, where he was regarded for his professionalism, ethics, and leadership. His departure is unfortunate for both of these groups.

The influence of Ing. Mifsud extends beyond the confines of the boardroom; he has served as a point of reference for individuals who aspire to become engineers, leaving behind a legacy that will continue to motivate subsequent generations. Because of his unwavering dedication to the ideals that guide the engineering profession, he has established a new standard for excellence and ethical behaviour.

During these times of mourning, we come together to honour the contributions that Ing. Michael Mifsud made to the field of engineering in Malta and to express our gratitude for the imprint that he left on the landscape of engineering in the country. I pray that the Lord will grant him eternal rest, and that the legacy he leaves behind will bring comfort to his family.

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