Mutabaruka Talks on Lockdowns Being ‘Big Problem’ Increasing Sexual Crimes and Domestic Violence In Jamaica

Cultural icon Mutabaruka outlines the reasons why he thinks that the government-mandated COVID-19 lockdowns may be the cause of a rise in sexual crimes and domestic violence rate on the Island.

In his usual thought-provoking interviews, the multi-talented poet detailed his theory by stating, “A lot of these men never get the opportunity fi deh a them yard so long with them children, a lot a them never even know the colour of the wall, because them so out deh a do other things, and dem never yet get a chance fi look pon them stepdaughter, and them start to realise seh them stepdaughter look certain way.”

Mutabaruka also points to the data that showed that there was an upsurge in the abuse of children in the household by family members and domestic violence following the mandated lockdowns. In his analysis, the People’s Court artiste says while the country was distracted by the fear of the pandemic, the imposed lockdown was the bigger problem.

As he continued his explanation, Muta said the effect of the lockdown could be a reason for an increase, and the seriousness of violence within the school between students and teachers as well. He, however, admitted that some of these cases may not be new to the Jamaican culture, but the increase and severity in these incidents must be examined to see if there was a correlation with the lockdowns.

The radio host not only highlighted what he thought was the problem, but he also offered a solution. “We need fi undo the lockdown, weh me seh undo the lockdown now even though the lockdown opened up but it inna the people their mind, the lockdown is embedded in the people them mind, because them still a live inna lockdown period weh things mek them get angry, the anger weh we see amongst the youth them,” Muta outlined.

See the interview below:

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