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The well-known morning show presenter Nida Yasir has revealed the long-standing family problems that have prevented actor and host Fahad Mustafa from appearing on her program.

Fans were intrigued when Nida Yasir revealed candidly, in an upcoming podcast hosted by Ahmed Ali Butt, that she was hinting at a family feud with Fahad Mustafa, but she didn’t reveal the details.

Fahad Mustafa had never appeared as a guest on Nida Yasir’s show until Butt asked why, to which she cheekily replied, “We have family enmity with Fahad Mustafa, that’s why he doesn’t come on my show.”

Yasir acknowledged that Mustafa was unable to appear on her show due to family matters, despite the humorous tone of her remark.

Social media users immediately surmised that the rift could be related to the divorced marriage that reportedly ended in divorce between the elder brother of Fahad Mustafa and the sister-in-law of Nida Yasir. The underlying tensions between the two families are revealed by the connection that is rumored to exist.

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