Person of Interest in Lewiston Mass Shootings Identified

Lewiston Mass Shootings

In a significant development, the Lewiston, Maine police department has successfully identified a person of interest related to the Lewiston mass shootings that transpired on Wednesday night.

During a press conference convened on Wednesday evening, Maine Public Safety Commissioner Mike Sauschuck made a pivotal announcement. 

He announced that Robert Card, a 40-year-old individual, should be deemed armed and dangerous.

Lewiston Mass Shootings

Moreover, law enforcement officials have successfully found his vehicle in the nearby town of Lisbon.

Commissioner Sauschuck acknowledged that there were many people injured and killed, but did not give the exact number.

This is because different reports have different numbers.

The Lewiston Police Department, through its official Facebook platform, has disseminated a photographic representation of Robert Card’s driver’s license. 

Based on a comparative analysis of this image, it is highly likely that Card is the individual captured in previously released surveillance photographs.

These images depict him brandishing a long gun.

As a result, the department has fervently appealed to the public to share any information regarding his current whereabouts with the law enforcement authorities.

The stay-at-home order is still in place for Androscoggin County, Maine. Law enforcement is actively searching for the suspect involved in the unsettling shootings on Wednesday.

Authorities strongly advise residents to stay inside their homes, lock their doors, and cooperate with the ongoing manhunt in the area.

Located in Lewiston, the Central Maine Medical Center has responded to the unfolding tragedy by officially classifying it as a “mass casualty, mass shooter event.”

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In a commendable show of collaboration, they have commenced coordination with nearby hospitals, prepared to offer compassionate care to patients requiring immediate medical attention.

The investigations conducted by the Lewiston police force have established a clear connection between the manhunt’s target and a series of shootings at no fewer than two distinct locations. 

These venues include Schemengees Bar and Grille, as well as Sparetime Recreation, a beloved local bowling alley.

Mayor Carl Sheline of Lewiston expressed his sadness in a thoughtful statement, saying, “Our beloved city and our resilient citizens deeply grieve. We are renowned for our unyielding strength and indomitable spirit, attributes we will most assuredly draw upon in the trying days that lie ahead.”

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To help emergency responders reach hospitals quickly, the police department is urging people to avoid using the roads.

Commissioner Sauschuck highlighted the significant number of police officers working diligently throughout Maine.

The Maine Medical Center, a respected hospital system in Portland, has taken swift action.

They notified their on-call team and proactively expanded critical care and operating room capacity to prepare for patient transfers.

In an official statement, the organization confirmed its readiness to accept one patient transfer from the Central Maine Medical Center.

The city of Lewiston has officially decreed the closure of all municipal edifices on the ensuing day, encompassing prominent establishments like City Hall, Lewiston Public Library, and the Armory. 

Regrettably, we have canceled planned programs, events, and early voting at City Hall. We strongly advise non-essential personnel to remain at their residences.

Superintendent Jake Langlais of Lewiston Public Schools regretfully announced the cancellation of all classes tomorrow, recognizing the fluid situation.

The White House said President Biden, after a detailed briefing on the shooting incident, reached out to multiple officials in Maine.

This roster includes prominent figures such as Governor Janet Mills, Senators Angus King and Susan Collins, and Representative Jared Golden.

The President has unequivocally offered “full federal support in the wake of this horrific attack.”

At the same time, the Justice Department promptly utilizes its resources, affirming, “We have duly briefed the Attorney General, who remains resolutely vigilant over the situation. Our federal law enforcement agencies steadfastly cooperate with our state and local law enforcement counterparts in Lewiston, Maine.”


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