PHOTO: Pictures of Hunter Biden’s coke bag released

Information reaching Kossyderrickent has it that Pictures of Hunter Biden’s cocaine bag released.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre lashed out at reporters after the cocaine was discovered. “You know, there has been some irresponsible reporting about the family and so I’ve got to call that out here,” the press secretary said. “And I have been very clear.”
“I was clear two days ago … the Biden family was not here, they were not here, they were at Camp David,” she added. “They were not here Friday, they were not here Saturday, they were not here Sunday. They were not even here Monday. They came back here on Tuesday.”
The situation, which prompted an evacuation of The West Wing, happened when Joe Biden and his family, including his son Hunter Biden, were spending the weekend away at Camp David ahead of the Fourth of July holiday. That is the same day the cocaine was discovered.
As we reported, an investigation was launched and the Secret Service took images of the bag containing the white powder, which was found in a cubby hole near the Executive entrance that is usually used for personal belongings. Those images are now being released.
Some social media users have speculated Hunter Biden, who has acknowledged past struggles with drug use and addiction, could be responsible for the cocaine found in the White House. The Secret Service did not name any suspects when the investigation of the incident ended due to a lack of adequate physical evidence.
It’s not entirely clear what is happening in the video, but the timeline claimed in the post is wrong.
The footage was captured on the Fourth of July while the Bidens watched fireworks on the White House balcony. That was two days after cocaine was found in the White House’s West Wing lobby, an area accessible to some members of the public.

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