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Phyna shares her experience of being bullied by Davido

Reality TV personality, Phyna, has bravely shared her recent experience of feeling bullied by Davido and his fans, expressing concern that they aimed to harm her, much like what happened to Mohbad.

Earlier, Phyna had disclosed receiving menacing death threats from certain fans of the popular Afrobeats artist after she questioned why he held animosity towards her.

During a live Instagram video, Phyna candidly recounted that while she may not possess the same level of wealth as Davido, she still considers herself a superstar within her own realm. She acknowledged that everyone holds a position of significance in their respective domains, including the anonymous online trolls who target her.

Phyna firmly asserted that she is not only a target of hatred but also a victim of active bullying, drawing a parallel to Mohbad’s tragic fate. Nevertheless, she emphasized her resilience in the face of such animosity.

Concluding the video, Phyna acknowledged that as a result of the events that unfolded the previous day, she has now gained widespread recognition and visibility, a privilege she appreciates.

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