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Playful polar bear knocking over a traffic marker will melt your heart

Everybody is talking about the rare video of a polar bear caught playing with a traffic marker and one can’t get enough of the adorable moment.

Bears may be one of the most dreaded wild animals, but some unique videos on social media have painted a different picture of these creatures altogether. Last week, we saw a distracted bear cub separate from its mother to play with a balloon. Today, we have another video showcasing a similar antic that’s melting hearts.

Knut, the world's most famous polar bear
Photo credit should read BARBARA SAX/AFP via Getty Images

The video depicting the goofy polar bear was reportedly filmed in Churchill, Manitoba, according to StoryFul Viral, the TikTok account where the original footage was posted.

A full-grown polar bear is seen lying on the ground on its back and knocking over a traffic marker by the side of the road, unbothered by vehicles that are driving past.

After a few seconds, it sits up to gently push the traffic marker with its snout before rubbing its face against it.

The video almost seems unreal owing to the playful behavior of the polar bear which is extremely rare. Several users were also surprised to learn that polar bears inhabit parts of Canada. They are said to migrate from the inland to the shores of Hudson Bay, with many of them converging in Churchill, the same place where the video was captured.

Users think the video of the polar bear playing by the road is enough to get through the toughest of days and we second them!

“Bears always want to have. This one is too cute,” said one user.

“Aww she thinks it’s a Canadian lollipop,” said another.

“That most of us when we got nothing to do on a Sunday,” joked another.

Another comment read: “Traffic director polar bear on duty!”

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