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Popular budget app is closing in two months and you’ll need to find an alternative fast

The popular budgeting app Mint has started to crash on iPhone users ahead of the closure set for early 2024.

Mint App is closing and folding into Credit Karma, and budgeting technology users are trying to find an alternative fast to save financial history. Many people have taken to social media with their complaints and recommendations.

Young Asian couple managing finance and investment online, analyzing stock market trades with mobile app on laptop and smartphone. Making financial plans. Banking and finance, investment, financial trading, mobile banking concept
Young Asian couple managing finance and investment online, analyzing stock market trades with mobile app on laptop and smartphone. Making financial…

The free budgeting app Mint launched in 2006 and allows users to aggregate their financial accounts, giving them a unified view of their income, assets, and expenses.

After 17 years of providing financial management and budgeting features for millions of users, Mint is expected to be gone by the start of 2024.

Financial software company Intuit has announced that the Mint service will be absorbed into Intuit’s Credit Karma, another free financial service primarily focused on building credit:

“We are reimagining Mint as part of Intuit Credit Karma, expanding our collective capabilities to deliver upon our mission of championing financial progress for all.”

Over on Reddit, users are complaining about the app’s technology issues – suggesting that the Mint App is crashing when launched on an iPhone.

Many people have commented that they tried restarting their iPhones as well as reinstalled the app but nothing seems to be working.

Some Mint App users have taken to Twitter/X with their complaints about the application’s crash, reporting that their app isn’t opening.

@Mint responded in a Tweet stating that they apologize for any inconvenience and the team has now resolved the issue, advising:

“Please update your Mint app in the app store, and you should be able to proceed normally.”

However, many have reported that there is no update available for the Mint App.

Other users have also suggested using your browser to log in to Mint instead of the application.

As the Mint App service is set to be absorbed into Intuit’s Credit Karma, the 3.6 million current Mint customers will have the option to transfer their financial data to Credit Karma.

While Credit Karma’s financial service won’t include the same budgeting features as Mint, users will still be able to monitor monthly spending, and Credit Karma can use the Mint data to create a new Net Worth report.

If users currently have a Mint account and don’t want to transfer info to Credit Karma, they will have the option of downloading and deleting financial data from the service before it expires.

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