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Queen Ifrica Lets Man Dagger Her on Stage

Rastafarian reggae artiste Queen Ifrica has taken a different, more raunchy approach to how she performs.

Her performances, which usually reflect the conventional presentation of a conscious Rastafarian entertainer, have taken a huge turn as Queen Ifrica gyrated on stage.

The Lioness on The Rise artiste, who has been in the media quite a lot this year for her controversial commentaries, had a very engaging set during her most recent performance.

The captivating show featured Ifrica not only singing but also dancing with a member of the audience in a very racy way.

The 48-year-old artiste, who is legally named Ventrice Morgan, was performing Keep It To Yourself while bending over so that the man behind her could whine and dagger her.

There was also a point when another man on the stage, who was hoping to get some action, urged Queen Ifrica to give him a chance, but she refused.

“One man mi tek at a time, ok, so gwaan ova desso,” she said. “One man at a time to mi thing.”

The rejected male apparently made his way off the stage, and Queen Ifrica continued to give her fans an exciting show, which had them cheering.

Watch the video of Queen Ifrica below:

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