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Rashmika Mandana Deep Fake Video Stirs Controversy

Recently a video went viral online about Rashmika Mandana. There she enters a lift and says something. The thing is she was in a very short dress and normally Rashmika Mandana didn’t wear that kind of dress.

Rashmika Mandana’s viral video is fake and AI-generated. The video became popular last Monday. After that, a lot of people supported Rashmika and said that it was a fake video. Even the great Amitab Bacchan also said the video should be removed from online immediately.

In this post, we are here to aware of you aware that we should not share any kind of these videos. Protect Rashmika Mandana and don’t share the video footage.

If you are looking for Rashmika Mandana deepfake video then you can get the video in this article today. We attached the fake and the real video in this post. You can easily compare the footage.

Please share this article to show everyone that the video is fake. And also let’s watch your friends by sharing this post. Keep comments for another viral video. We always work on viewers’ opinions. Thanks for visiting us.

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