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Remi Lucidi Death Video Reddit

Remi Lucidi was a daredevil stuntman well-known for his amazing climbs of tall structures all around the world.

He bravely ascended buildings all over the world, thrilling audiences in places like Portugal, Bulgaria, Colombia, France, Dubai, and Poland with his heart-pounding feats.

Remi Enigma began his climbing quest in 2016, and he immediately rose to fame on social media by posting exciting videos of his risk-taking adventures.

remi lucidi
remi lucidi

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Remi died after falling 721 feet from the penthouse on the top floor.

He was found dead at the site, and the police confirmed it.

He appeared to be seeing a buddy when he arrived at the tower, but later testimonies suggested otherwise.

His ascent to the top, where he could be heard pleading for assistance just before the fateful fall, was captured on CCTV.


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