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Robbers Brutally Kill Man in Front of His Children After Wife’s C-Section Delivery – Lady Narrates

In a viral revelation that has gripped the online community, a Nigerian woman has bravely opened up about a harrowing incident that unfolded at her residence several years ago.

According to her chilling account, their home fell victim to a terrifying invasion by ruthless robbers who meticulously scoured every room, leaving chaos in their wake.

Tragically, their rampage reached a climactic point when they arrived at the final room, where a couple had recently welcomed their newborn baby through a Caesarean section procedure.

Undeterred by the couple’s valiant efforts to keep them out, the intruders forcefully gained entry, leading to a sequence of events that defies belief.

In a horrifying display of savagery, the attackers fatally stabbed the man, subjecting his innocent children to the most distressing sight imaginable—his intestines shockingly exposed before their eyes.

Her statement on social media: “In year 2011, robbers came to our house (it’s a face to face apartment) raided from room to room. When they got to last room, the man that his wife just delivered through CS held the door so they won’t come in.”

“They stabbed him and brought out his intestines and show his kids. The wife fainted instantly. They have 3kids. in their words “in your next life, you no go dey struggle with robbers.”

See her post;

See people’s reactions below;

Mr. Austeiin: “You see why Jungle justice can NEVER be curbed in some places. Imagine that woman see where they caught another thief or those sets of thieves that stabbed her husband. Just imagine.”

Mr. Austeiin: “And somebody will say i should pity them when they’re caught? See, let them just reinstate capital punishment into the law abeg. Reasons why, jungle justice won’t stop in some places. Check those that engage in such, it’s due to painful & bitter experiences.”

Mummy’s tech: “Kids will grow up to hate every robber they come across. I know one similar story, the boy grew up to become a policeman. He killed every thief that he came across in Auchi then, spared no one. He was an absolute terror, knew no limit.”

Kayla: “That’s why I don’t even flinch or care when they catch actual thieves and burn them. They deserve it.”

Iamilekan: “He was struggling with robbers??? Which baba do the jazz for am. Very unnecessary thing to do , his life is what’s most important.”

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