Tacha Responds to Daniel Regha, Vowing to Defend the Narrative with Evidence Regarding Mercy Eke and Phyna’s Situation

Former Big Brother Naija contestant, Tacha Akide, has addressed Daniel Regha, a popular Twitter influencer, regarding his remarks about Mercy Eke being in Phyna’s situation.

Earlier today, Daniel commended Tacha for supporting Phyna against Davido but raised a rhetorical question about whether Tacha would have shown the same support for her rival, Mercy Eke, if she had faced a similar downgrade.

Daniel expressed his belief that Tacha would have ignored Mercy Eke, implying that her love is insincere and her activism is disappointing.

In response, Tacha shared a screenshot of herself defending Mercy Eke when a comedian disrespected her while praising Tacha. The comedian had praised Tacha for her positive impact on society while criticizing Mercy for having nothing more than artificial enhancements.

Tacha rebuked the comedian for his statement, considering it derogatory towards women. She presented this evidence as proof and declared that she will not let anyone change her narrative as long as she has a voice.

As long I have a voice! You will never be able to change the narrative”.

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