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Taylor Swift’s fans will ‘sell their souls’ to get Crocs with jibbitz referring her songs

Collecting merchandise supporting Taylor Swift‘s music has always been Swifties’ favorite hobby, and The Eras Tour, the concert film inspired by it, and the rerecording of 1989, have just widened their options. But, not everything you see on the Internet is created by Taylor and her team – some fans think she wouldn’t even know about a documentary surrounding her life which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video!

Night Two - Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour - Nashville, TN
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Let’s start by making it clear that the Crocs designed with jibbitz, which are believed to reference her songs, were only seen in one store in Ottawa, Canada, and fans are ready to “sell their soul” if that’s what it takes to get them.

Swifties in the United States have been looking for the charms online, but neither Crocs nor Taylor’s official merch shop is selling them.

The viral TikTok shared by one content user shows all the ‘incredible’ jibbitz on display at the store. These include sparkly 13, red sunglasses from 22, knee-length boots, reputation snake, guitar, and IYKYK spread across the top of one of the Crocs.

The Crocs store selling these shoe charms is located in a mall and it doesn’t look like any other stores in Canada have the same collection.

A few fans have pointed out that some of the jibbitz referring to Taylor’s songs could simply be a coincidence, while a few others claim to have spotted similar-looking charms on Etsy as well.

Fans aren’t bothered if the jibbitz spotted at the Crocs store aren’t a part of the official merch, they want to buy them regardless of the label.

“This might actually make me buy Crocs lol,” said one fan obsessed with the charms.

Another added: “I want this (if you don’t know what to get me for X-Mas or my birthday, voilà).”

“I will literally pay anyone to mail me these,” said a third fan.

“I don’t mind selling my soul to get these,” read another comment.

As we noted earlier, the jibbitz from the Crocs outlet aren’t sold on Taylor’s official online store for fans in the U.S. or the U.K. But, there are plenty of other items you may want to buy.

From crewneck sweatshirts to taupe hats, there are a plethora of things for fans to choose from. All the items, on average, are priced between $15 and $70.

In musical products, you can find deluxe CDs, vinyl, digital albums, and cassettes. While each of these items features Taylor’s pictures, the clothes and accessories consist of lyrics from her songs or designs to match the theme of her albums.

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