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This Clip Of Furball Teaching ‘Dog Language’ To Owner Will Melt Your Heart

Dogs are the most loyal pets and the perfect companions for their owners. They do not understand what we say, but over time, they learn to read our gestures. They centre their lives around their owners, and they are always looking for ways to lift their spirits. Maybe it’s time that the pet parents do something for their furry friends in return. An interesting way is to try to understand what they say and communicate in their own (dogs) language. In a recent viral video, a dog sought to teach the owner its language and netizens were in awe of their interaction.

The clip was posted on Instagram by the handle Hugo The Malmate with the caption, “Hugo teaches me to speak dog.” The clip portrays Hugo and his owner seated on the floor, as the dog attempts to teach him the ‘dog language’. Throughout the video, the dog tries and fails repeatedly to train its human. The dog even communicates to its owner to listen carefully.

The adorable clip was released a few days ago on social media and has had over 4.4 million views since it was shared, and the number is only increasing. People have also reacted to the video. Some praised the dog’s efforts, while others joked about his failed attempts.

Some users appreciated the owner’s efforts and said, “The facial expressions are on point!! I’m totally sure after many more lessons Hugo will have you speaking dog in no time,” while others praised the dog’s teaching abilities, “Hugo is a great teacher.”

Many users joked, “It seems that Hugo has no patience for this student,” “ got the “RUFF” wrong. Emphasis is on the R,” “His bark is not syncing with yours, needs the right pitch. Repeat and Bark.” A user noted, “That last bark was personal like ‘you know what fluff you, you not listening’.”

Netizens were also in awe of the nodding between the owner and the pup. Many commented, “Love how he just puts his paw right on your chest, like a true buddy.” “This made me laugh so hard. You guys have a great relationship.” A user also shared a personal experience saying, “That’s so funny. I did that with my pup charlie. He got so excited he jumped all over the place.”

Would you try this with your pet?

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