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This Pic Of Sam Altman And OpenAI Interim CEO Emmett Shear As Classmates Is Trending

In the recent turn of events, Twitch co-founder Emmett Shear has been named as the new interim CEO of OpenAI following the sudden exit of Sam Altman, the former CEO. Amid the ongoing turmoil and entries and exits, a picture of Sam Altman and Emmett Shear is going viral on the internet, showing them in the same classroom. Shared on X by a user, the picture shows the two of them together, thus hinting that they were former classmates. Not just that, social media users were also too quick to spot a few more prominent faces in the photo.

Shared by an X user, the picture shows the former OpenAI CEO and Emmett Shear posing for the group photo. That being said, the two were a part of the original 2005 Y Combinator class. “Photo of Emmett Shear (red) and Sam Altman (yellow) from when they were in the original 2005 Y Combinator class together,” the caption of the post read.


Against the backdrop of the recent developments, the picture is an irony to the unfolding events showcasing the shifts in the current dynamics.

Notably, it is not just Shear and Altman that caught the internet’s attention as the photo also features a few other notable personalities. From a young Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit to another Reddit co-founder and genius web developer, Aaron Swartz, the picture is no less than a gem.

As soon as the post was shared, many took to the comment section and shared their reactions.

A user wrote, “This has to be one of the most GOATed classes of all time. Legend”, while another one wrote, “For those wondering, this is Alexis Ohanian, Co Founder of Reddit and married to Serena Williams.”

“Legendary photo,” a user commented, while another one wrote, “Wow, what a throwback! Emmett Shear and Sam Altman, Y Combinator originals! Such a cool glimpse into the past. Thanks for sharing, John!”

Sam Altman joins Microsoft; Emmett Shear to lead OpenAI

After the sudden firing of Altman as the chief executive officer of OpenAI, ex-Twitch boss Emmett Shear has now been appointed as its interim chief executive officer. This came after Altman was ousted as CEO following a chaotic boardroom coup.

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