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This Python’s Dramatic Rescue Will Send Chills Down Your Spine

In a quiet neighborhood on the Sunshine Coast of Australia, a routine morning took a spine-chilling turn for one unsuspecting woman. Imagine waking up, stepping out onto your porch, only to find a massive python coiled up and seemingly waiting for you. This unsettling scenario became a reality for an Australian woman who discovered herself face-to-face with a carpet python at her front door. What ensued was a daring rescue mission captured in a video, showcasing the expertise of Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7.

Taking to its Facebook handle, the incident was recounted by Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7, a snake-catching organisation in Queensland. They shared a video showcasing the rescue mission of the giant snake. The clip featured a man skillfully capturing the snake, which was perched on the ceiling and hanging from a bar. The man cautiously approached the snake, employing a tool to bring it down, and then placed it in a bag. Highlighting the importance of wildlife preservation, the snake catchers decided to relocate the carpet python to more suitable bush land. The rescued Python was then released back into its natural habitat, away from residential areas.

Take a look at the video here:

Accompanying the video, Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 explained how they relocated a big Python from the ladies’ front door. “This lady got scared this morning when she walked out and realized that a large carpet python was on her front porch. She got her dogs inside, straight away and called us out. We headed over straight away and although it took a while to get it down from the beams, we were able to take it to some more suitable bushland,” the caption read.

As soon as the footage surfaced on the internet, social media users swamped the comment section with numerous reactions. Many expressed admiration for the bravery and skill displayed by the snake-catching team. Reacting to the post, a user wrote, “That was a gentle catch of a beautiful python.” Another commented, “Perfect relocation spot, the python looked so cozy coiled up ready for a sleep.”

“Cute? Nah, stunning yup, looked for a moment there like the snake might launch itself from the roof, quite terrifying that prospect, well done, n lv how it settled into its new abode, ready to strike if needed,” an Instagram user wrote.

The video was shared on November 9 and generated significant attention on social media. With over sixty-five thousand views and one thousand plus likes, the post has become a viral sensation, drawing fascination and admiration for the bravery and skill displayed by the snake-catching team.

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