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This Video Of Man Riding A Bike With Bull Is Bizzare Pro Max

Often people take their small pet animals like cats and dogs on bike rides. These smaller animals are often secured for the ride as they are put in pet-safe harnessing or special seats. However, now a bizarre video that shows a man carrying a fully grown bull on a bike is going viral. This undated video shows a man somehow making a bull sit in front of the bike, while the biker balances himself on the backseat. He stretches his arms around the animal and holds the bike’s steering handle. It is unclear how he manages to gaze at the road ahead of him as his vision is blocked by the bull.

This bizarre and potentially dangerous maneuver was recorded by passengers of a car that was driving adjacent to the biker. It is unclear when and where the video was taken.

On Friday, an X user Naresh Nambisan shared this clip online and wrote, “This is how you ride the BULL in a rally. nifty50 StockmarketIndia.” This 12-second clip has gathered over two lakh views so far.

While many found the video funny, others thought that it was dangerous both to the bull and the biker. An X user wrote, “Hope Bull keeps running the market to upper trajectory. This is not fun. Bull & person both may get hurt once any vehicle comes from front then person will have to apply brakes to avoid collision.” Similarly, another person wrote, “It’s not something that can be looked at funny. I feel sorry for the Bull.”

Expressing a more relaxed sentiment, a person stated, “Nothing is impossible. Our people are not only hard workers but also creative thinkers.” Another mentioned, “The world is too vast, different and skilled than one would have imagined.”

This is not the first time that a video related to a bull has created a buzz online. In May this year, a worrying 16-second video showed a sitting on a bull and racing through the streets of Rishikesh in Uttarakhand.

The bull rider was heard chanting, “Kailash Pati Nath ki Jai Ho.” He also barely dodged a scooter as the bull ran at full speed. This clip was posted online on YouTube by user ‘Satya Prakash Bharti’.

Two days after this clip was posted, the Uttarakhand Police shared on X that the youth seen on the bull was apprehended and legal action was initiated. As of today, this video has over 11,000 views.

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