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This Video of Snake Hiding In Toilet Bowl Will Give You Goosebumps

Discovering a wild reptile hidden in the trickiest of spots – like toilet seats, inside a shoe, under the sofa – at your home is a sight that can send shivers down anyone’s spine. And encountering a snake in your toilet is a hair-raising nightmare for many. Snakes are one of the most dangerous and mysterious reptiles on the planet. They have a remarkable ability for being sneaky and camouflaging themselves cleverly in cool places that often come as a surprise to people.

Recently, this terrifying scenario turned into reality, leaving social media users startled. A video capturing the presence of an enormous snake in a toilet bowl went viral. Shared on Instagram by Amigos Pescadores De MT, the clip opens to show an enormous snake coiled within the confines of a toilet bowl and then slowly vanishes inside the pot.

It goes without saying that the video quickly garnered significant traction on social media, amassing over 43K likes and the curiosity of online spectators. The social media post drew a barrage of responses from users across the platform. Some were left terrified by the scenario, while others admired the creature’s striking presence.

One user expressed intense fear and stated, “God, this is so scary.” Another echoed the sentiment of fear and commented, “OMG! Absolutely spine-chilling.” “I’m scared to death that this will happen to me,” an Instagram user expressed.

Among the responses, a user admired the creature’s striking presence and wrote, ‘Such a magnificent creature.” Contrary to the fear expressed by some, there were users who displayed enthusiasm and appreciation for the reptile. A user quipped, “I’d be thrilled! Snakes are incredible!”

A few months earlier, a woman in Arizona, US, experienced this terrifying scenario when she found a snake hiding inside her toilet after returning home from a relaxing vacation. Soon after Michelle Lespron found the snake in the toilet on July 15, she was left terrified. Her father attempted to capture the snake on the same night they came back from vacation, but failed as the reptile managed to hide. She then contacted Rattlesnake Solutions, a Phoenix, US-based company, and a skilled handler who took three attempts to successfully catch and remove the black and pink coachwhip snake. The spine-chilling video also showed the reptile trying to bite and hissing directly towards the camera.

Aren’t the viral videos giving you goosebumps?

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