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Watch: Man Captures Family Of Aliens ‘Standing In Clouds’ From His Flight

All over the world, many people prefer to travel by plane. A lot of them prefer a window seat, as they want to look outside things from a height. As the plane is thousands of metres above the sky, there are many beautiful and picturesque scenes. People click pictures and make videos as they fly in the clouds. But sometimes there can be some strange things that are visible from this height. A similar incident happened when a man was travelling to London and saw a “family of aliens” in the clouds. He immediately recorded a video and shared it on the internet.

According to reports, the man was travelling from Warsaw to London when he noticed a strange sighting outside the window when he was capturing the clouds. When he looked closer, he noticed some shadows and captured them with the camera. After looking carefully, it appeared like a group of people and seemed like an entire family was standing among the clouds. After the observation was made, the picture went viral on social media. The man also shared the video on YouTube.

Even the person who clicked the picture from the window was quite surprised to spot such a strange sighting. After reaching London, he immediately sent these pictures to a site named MUFON. The site documents updates related to UFOs. After sending them the pictures, he also explained that at that moment it appeared like a family of four people who were standing on the clouds. He revealed that they appeared similar to aliens, as no other human-looking species could have survived at such a height. But there has been no official confirmation regarding their similarities to aliens.

As soon as the video was uploaded, people had diverse views about it. One of the users wrote, “This is not real. There could be some smoke coming out of a factory.” Another user commented, “This looks like a family of aliens. They are real.”

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