Watch: Sheilah Gashumba Leaked Video Going Viral Online

Sheilah Gashumba is a well-known media figure in Uganda who also works as a TV host, blogger, socialite, commercial model, dancer, businesswoman, and digital influencer.

Her birthday is February 7, 1996.

Since 2007, Gashumba has been involved in the media.

She previously served as host of the entertainment programme NBS After5 on NBS Television.

In addition to being a blogger and socialite, Gashumba also owns a fashion store in the centre of Kampala called Gash Luxe.

She has won several awards, including the Teeniez Teen TV Show Presenter award at the Buzz Teeniez Awards in 2013.

Gashumba is active on social media, with a large following on Twitter and Instagram.

She is also a brand ambassador, digital influencer, and humanitarian, with her net worth is estimated to be around $500,000.

Media personality Sheilah Gashumba PHOTO/Instagram

Sheilah Gashumba leaked video

Gashumba viral video and tape have been searched by many people on the internet.

For the past few days, the television host has been making rounds on the internet.

Her private videos and photos were leaked, which dragged Gashumba into the controversy.

Gashumba’s intimate photos were leaked, which were reported to be with her boyfriend, Rickman Manrick.

It has been said that the video and pictures went viral after her Snapchat account was hacked and the hacker shared the intimate clips on the internet.

Instantly, it went viral on various social media platforms, including Twitter.

The video is trending not only on Twitter but also on TikTok, in which Gashumba was seen having an intimate moment with her boyfriend.

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