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‘Wedding of the century’ goes viral for insane ‘Bridgerton vibe’ but it’s not an A-list celebrity

A grand wedding ceremony held by a previously unknown online presence has the whole of TikTok trying to work out who Madelaine Brockway is and how she managed to put together such an extravagant affair.

Set in the idyllic backdrop of Paris, complete with a stunning venue and world-famous accompaniment at the reception, the mysterious Madelaine Brockway appears to be in the midst of throwing the most extravagant wedding of the year, much to the dismay of a host of baffled TikTok users.

While Sofia Richie was on course to hold the crown for the 2023 ‘it girl’ wedding, it looks like she may have some competition from Brockway, despite the fact that the internet can’t seem to work out who she actually is…

As uncovered by footage posted online by attendees, the rehearsal dinner for the wedding ceremony appeared to take place in Paris’ iconic opera house, Palais Garnier, while guests convened in a dining hall that looked fit for royalty – only to be serenaded by Maroon 5 that evening.

Though one would typically expect such lavish ceremonies to be hosted by the most A-list of celebrities, such a description could not be applied to Brockway, who boasts a relatively modest 5000 followers on Instagram and indicates no obvious sign of her profession or the source of the funding for the wedding.

Having only begun to post on the video-sharing app at the start of the month, when she began teasing the setup of her bachelorette party, Brockway is still relatively unbeknown to the masses on TikTok.

The professional-looking footage of the build-up to her wedding has begun to garner Brockway a group of fans, however, with her videos attracting comments like “Beyond OBSESSED with your whole wedding celebration! May God bless your matrimony!!” and “You have a music video for your bachelorette. I’m digging it.”

And when a keen TikTok user uploaded a video outlining everything she knew about the wedding, she was inundated with comments speculating about who Brockway is and what the source of her assumed wealth may be.

In what was a rather clever nod to those spending their time researching her, Brockway decided to comment on the video about her wedding, writing “I’m no one” along with a blushing emoji covering its mouth.

While TikTok’s latest celebrity may have acknowledged her growing band of supporters, she leaves them no further forward when it comes to learning of her job, her life story and her soon-to-be husband, Jacob Chase LaGrone.

One of the main discoveries made by TikTok’s top investigators while exploring the life and times of Brockway and LaGrone was a gift registry in their name.

According to the registry, the wedding took place on November 18, and guests were encouraged to purchase one of 119 gift choices, most of which were about as low-key as having Maroon 5 perform at your afterparty…

Included in the list of extravagant gifts was a miniature lion figurine, just shy of five inches in height, priced at no less than $580. One attendee went to the lengths of gifting an $860 gravy boat, while a matching platter tray priced at $690 was also gifted to the newlyweds.

Just in case you’re still looking to pick out a gift for Brockway and LaGrone, they remain on the lookout for 12 dessert plates priced at a measly $250 each, while an adorable 19-inch butterfly house could be theirs for just $12,500!

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