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Wedding Stunt Gone Wrong: Sparkle Gun Explodes on Bride’s Face As Couple Poses For Camera

Bride and groom these days perform elaborative stunts during the ceremony in order to get that one perfect picture. A video which is currently doing rounds on social media shows how these stunts might not always be safe. According to reports, it is an old video from a wedding ceremony in Maharashtra. In the video, the bride and groom can be seen posing with sparkle guns. Standing next to each other, the couple can be seen posing and flaunting their guns.

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It is all going fine until the couple presses the button to fire up their respective guns. A shower of sparkles start popping out until things go horribly wrong for the bride.

The bride’s gun started exploding from the backside and hit her face. Terrified by what had happened, she quickly dropped the weapon and scrambled for safety. The video cuts off abruptly as people run towards the bride to save her.

Here, have a look at the viral video:

Since being uploaded, the video has gone viral with multiple responses.

Meanwhile, earlier, a A video that went viral showed a bride doing celebratory firing at her own wedding. It is from an incident in Hathras. The Hathras Junction police registered a case under section 25 (9) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) against the bride. According to the in charge of Hathras Junction Police, Girish Chand Gautam, the person in whose name the license of the firearm was issued was also booked on Sunday. Piyush Rai uploaded the video on ‘X’ as he wrote, “In UP’s Hathras, a groom sat with “kato toh khoon nhi” face next to the bride.”

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