What Happened to Matthew J Ponomarenko? Parma Man Pleads Guilty of killing 5-year-old Son

There is shocking news coming out related to the death of a 5-year-old son, Jax Ponomarenko who was killed by his father. Yes, you heard right an Ohio father, Matthew Ponomarenko killed his own son and he was charged with aggravated murder in the 2021 death of his son. This incident happened in 2021 and the news of this case is making headlines on news channels or internet sites. The authorities have shared some updated reports related to this case and we are here to share all the details. Let us know all the details of the kid’s death and also talk about the updated reports.

What Happened to Matthew J Ponomarenko

According to the reports, Matthew J Ponomarenko killed his son with a baseball bat and now he gets a life sentence for the crime. After killing his son, he called the deputies and told them that he killed his own son. On Thursday 9 November 2023, Judge Timothy McGinty handed the father the combined life sentence with a chance of parole after 45 years. The accused confessed that he killed his 5-year-old son with a baseball bat. He was found guilty of aggravated child endangerment charges and kidnapping charges in connection with his son’s death. There are many details left to share, so swipe up this page and continue your reading…

Reportedly, he killed his son Jax Ponomarenko on 25 March 2021 and now, he has been sentenced to life in prison. When he killed his son, he called 911 and told the dispatcher, “I just killed my son.” He told the authorities that “He was hearing voices” and used a baseball bat to beat his son to death in their Parma home. The dispatcher told him to stay at the incident until thier reach but the accused remained mostly silent and did not answer more questions. When the deputies arrived he said “They’re here,” and at a point, he said, “I’m shaking.”

After reaching the incident scene, the authorities began an investigation and found the body of the five-year-old kid in the living room with signs of “torture” and “reckless abuse.” Police arrested Matthew and charged him with aggravated murder, kidnapping, and endangering children. This incident happened in 2021 and now, he has been sentenced to prison for his crime. He brutally killed his son and this news is running in the trends of various social media pages. Many users are sharing their reactions by commenting and making posts. We have shared all the details above in this article and we will update you after getting more details. Stay tuned to dekhnews.com to read daily articles.

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