What Happened to Rachel Birney? USC Physics TA Captured Ripping Posters of Kidnapped Israelis

The name Rachel Birney has gone viral on the internet and getting a much a lot of attention from viewers. People are coming on the internet and wondering about Rachel Birney. As per the sources, USC Physics TA captured ripping posters of Kidnapped Israelis. The rude behavior of Rachel Birney created a huge controversy. People are showing their interest in knowing about Rachel Birney.  A woman is captured in the CCTV footage. The woman is found guilty of ripping the posters of kidnapped Israelis. This article helps you learn the recent viral news of Rachel Birney. If want to know the complete information regarding this news go through the page and read the full article. Let’s discuss this in detail.

What Happened to Rachel Birney

The USC student has gone viral after ripping off posters of kidnapped Israelis. The USC student’s name is identified as Rachel Birney. Rachel Birney is a student at the University of South California. The name is getting widely searched by people after making a mess. People are sharing the video of Rachel Birney on various social media platforms. The direct of another by a woman left the whole nation in disbelief. The non-profit Stop Antisemitism social media page shared a video of Rachel Birney. Stay continue and keep reading.

What Happened to Rachel Birney?

The video shows a woman ripping the posters of Israelis who were kidnapped. The video was uploaded on November 10, 2o23. The treading video is 22 seconds long. An unknown man is asking Rachel Birney why she is ripping the posters of the kidnapped Israelis. Rachel Birney did not respond to his question and she smiled. She continued removing posters from the bulletin board. Rachel Birney is a Physics TA and also pursuing the PhD program at the School of Natural Science & Mathematics. This news created a huge controversy. Scroll down the page to learn more.

Let’s shed light on Rachel Birney’s profile. Rachel Birney is a native of Redmond, WA. As we earlier mentioned she is pursuing a PhD. She is also a soccer player. She played soccer at Wesleyan College in Middletown, CT. From her works, it can be assumed that she is a multifaceted individual. Another post claims that Rachel Birney is the daughter of Angela Birnay. Further, she is a very active player and passionate about soccer. As we know that there are many people lost their family members in the Hamas attack. Keep following Dekh News for more viral news.

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