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What is the Viral ‘Orange Peel Theory’ on TikTok?

Like loads of relationship quotes on Instagram say about how love is not just about the big things, but about the small efforts too. The ‘Orange Peel Theory’ is exactly about the latter. A relationship is considered to be 50/50, which for the most time should be. But there are times when one partner might be exhausted and down to not be able to give the 50 of their part, that’s when the other partner needs to step up.

The ‘Orange Peel Theory’ might be a simple act of loving partner foes for the other without having to ask or make a big deal out of it. According to the orange peel theory, when your significant other peels your orange without your asking, it’s a sign of true affection and concern. In essence, it draws attention to the tiny acts of kindness that, out of pure love, make your partner’s day better or their life easier.

TikToker @NeaNotMia claims that the notion applies when someone does something for you out of love that you are capable of doing on your own. It does have to be huge materialistic gifts regularly or something very extravagant.

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Opening the door for your partner every day, making sure they have a glass of water beside their nightstand, checking up on them about their breaks while they’re working, and giving them snacks just to make sure they’ve eaten, these are the few small gestures that might seem very little but creates a lasting impact on the person receiving.

What is the Viral 'Orange Peel Theory' on TikTok?

Ever since the theory went viral people started talking about how their partners do these subtle things too. Meanwhile, a Reddit user broke up because she realized she was giving more effort to the relationship than her partner and she deserved better. Which she does!

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