Who Is Kevin Turen Wife? Who Is Kevin Turen Married To? Does Kevin Turen Have Children?

The entertainment industry recently faced a significant loss with the passing of Kevin Turen, a renowned producer known for his work on HBO’s “Euphoria” and several other notable projects. Turen’s untimely death in November 2023 at the age of 44 has left a void in Hollywood, marked by his impressive contributions to cinema and television.

Evelina Turen (nee Oboza) is mourning the sudden and heartbreaking loss of her husband Kevin Turen (known by his maiden name Evelina Oboza). Renowned for her acting roles in “The Box”, “That Awkward Moment”, and “Arbitrage”, Evelina has worked alongside such notable actors as Zac Efron, Michael B Jordan and Emma Roberts on screen and television programs including Scrubs and Desperate Housewives respectively. Married since June 2012 they shared an incredible passion for both art forms while their commitment to their family life together – an intimate union they shared between arts appreciation as well as commitment & love between them both.

Kevin Turen’s sudden departure leaves behind not just a bereaved wife but also their two sons, Jack and James. Friends and colleagues remember Kevin as a family man, devoted to his children and determined to instill in them strong values and a sense of purpose in contributing positively to the world. His legacy as a loving father and husband is as significant as his professional achievements.

Kevin Turen’s career in Hollywood was marked by a series of successful and critically acclaimed projects. He was instrumental in producing Ti West’s slasher films “X” and “Pearl,” as well as “Pieces of a Woman,” which earned Vanessa Kirby an Oscar nomination. His executive production role in “The Idol,” starring The Weeknd and Lily-Rose Depp, showcased his versatility and vision. Turen also collaborated with Euphoria creator Sam Levinson on several projects, including “Operation Endgame,” “Assassination Nation,” and “Malcolm & Marie.” His recent work included “The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent,” featuring Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal. Turen’s contribution to the film industry reflects a blend of artistic innovation and a keen eye for storytelling.

Kevin Turen’s death comes as an immense shock and sorrow to those he knew well, particularly his family and friends. Edward Turen expressed how profoundly they felt Kevin Turen’s absence both within their lives and Hollywood culture as whole; particularly among film industry peers who mourn his unique and irreplaceable presence within it and among peers such as himself in Los Angeles film industry itself. Film industry mourns loss of one its brightest stars who balanced professional ambition with deep connections within family, friends and his community; Kevin’s demise underscores humanity; its fragility while showing us the profound effects individuals can have on those around them – one another tragic passing away earlier this year was Euphoria star Angus Cloud who played one such actor can have upon those around them;

Kevin Turen will leave behind not only films and shows produced under his supervision but also lives that were touched both professionally and personally by him. His vision, passion, and dedication to storytelling will continue to influence those in both industry and beyond.

  1. Who is Kevin Turen’s wife?
    Evelina Turen, an actress known for roles in “The Box,” “That Awkward Moment,” and “Arbitrage.”
  2. Did Kevin Turen and Evelina have children?
    Yes, they had two sons, Jack and James, and were deeply devoted to their upbringing.
  3. What are some of Evelina Turen’s notable acting roles?
    Evelina appeared in “Scrubs,” “Desperate Housewives,” and alongside actors like Zac Efron and Michael B. Jordan.
  4. How has Evelina Turen coped with Kevin’s passing?
    Evelina is mourning privately, focusing on her children and remembering Kevin’s legacy.
  5. Were Kevin and Evelina involved in the entertainment industry together?
    Both were active in Hollywood, with Kevin as a producer and Evelina as an actress.

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