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Who Was Aftab Ahmed? Former Secretary Kavi Aftab Ahmed Passed Away, Family

Aftab Ahmed was a very well-known and respected poet and writer. He was the son of actress Ayesha Akhtar. We are sharing a piece of sad news that Aftab Ahmed is no more. We are announcing the passing of Aftab Ahmed. The recent shocking news is coming that Aftab Ahmed is no more. His sudden passing left the whole community shocked. The sudden passing of Aftab Ahmed sent shockwaves over the world. The world is mourning the sudden passing of Aftab Ahmed. People coming on the internet and wondering about the cause of the death of Aftab Ahmed. Let’s delve into this in detail.

Who Was Aftab Ahmed

According to the sources,  a very well-known poet and writer Aftab Ahmed passed away. The moment his passing news was shared it went viral. Further, Aftab Ahmed was also a former additional secretary of the Ministry of Youth and Sports. The poet Aftab Ahmed passed away on July 3 at 9 p.m. He took his last breath at a Dhaka hospital. The passing news of Aftab Ahmed was announced by his family members. He was known for his unique ability and vibrant nature. Aftab Ahmed’s unexpected passing left a void in people’s hearts. The memories and his contribution for  his nation never be forgotten. Scroll down the page.

Who Was Aftab Ahmed?

Now, the question is raised as to what his cause of death is. People are very curious to know the cause of death. Aftab Ahmed’s cause of death is becoming a main topic on the web for discussion. The poet and writer Aftab Ahmed was battling with many serious diseases including heart disease. He was suffering from several complex diseases for the last three months before his passing. The struggle with his disease ended on Monday. Many people paid tribute to the late Aftab Ahmed. Continue with this page to know more.

Moreover, the poet and writer Aftab Ahmed got married a second time to Gultekin Khan. Further, he went for treatment at a private hospital before his passing. The poet and writer Aftab Ahmed retired from his secretary post. He was diagnosed with a stroke one year ago and after that, he was never free from the disease. There is not much information has been shared regarding Aftab Ahmed’s death. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family, his friends, and all the young men and women he impacted during his life.” The community mourned the loss of a remarkable figure who touched countless lives through his guidance and mentorship. May his soul rest in peace. If we get any other information we will update you on the same site.

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