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Zach Elliott Delta airlines video on Reddit, Twitter, Tiktok (WATCH)

Unable to regulate his bowel movements, the traveler developed severe diarrhea.

Concerns have been raised concerning a passenger, and there have been numerous discussions about the incident on social media.

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Now that they’ve seen how the situation turned out, they’re in a fit of hysteria.

The aircraft from Harfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Barcelona had about 300 passengers on board.

Zach Elliott Delta airlines video
Zach Elliott Delta airlines video

The flight unexpectedly needed to be diverted two hours after takeoff. The explanation was also pretty strange and unexpected.

The term “biohazard concern” is causing a stir on the internet because some people think the incident is being overreported and that the term should not be used.

The man connected to this incident is Zach Elliott, although it’s not clear how his name spread.

Many accuse the airlines of failing to provide this occurrence with adequate privacy.

Particularly considering that the public has access to a popular video that was shared on Reddit and depicts the incident on board the flight.


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